Emerging Professionals in Conservation (EPIC) is a program for outdoor enthusiasts who have a love for the Hill Country, a passion for conservation, and enjoy meeting interesting people!

By participating in EPIC, members are able to experience the environment while socializing with peers through activities including kayaking, bike riding, paddle boarding, underground caving, peach-picking, camping, hiking, and so much more.

In short EPIC is for energetic, emerging leaders who share a love for open space. The purpose of EPIC is to educate members about environmental issues through outdoor recreational activities in Central Texas. Member dues paid to EPIC go to supporting Hill Country Conservancy’s many projects in Austin and the surrounding areas.

When HCC founded the Emerging Professionals in Conservation (EPIC) program in 2008, it sought to bring land preservation into the forefront of future business and social conversations. Now, EPIC has proven to be a huge benefit to both the mission of HCC as well as the EPIC members themselves.

With membership dues going directly to HCC projects, our members have a meaningful impact on the preservation of Central Texas.

In February 2009, the EPIC Leadership Council voted to allocate the funds raised in 2008 to support a project manager for the Walk For A Day project, now known as the Violet Crown Trail project. By contributing over $20,000, EPIC has not only helped ensure that the VCT will be a well-funded, well-planned community trail, but the group has significantly contributed to a project that will enhance the community and address the challenge to provide equitable, accessible opportunities to experience open space and conservation first-hand.

For the next two years, the Leadership Council allocated membership dues to help produce HCC’s Oral Histories documentary making EPIC the primary financial supporter of the short film: Hill Country Conservancy – Here Forever. This documentary is a key marketing component that helps HCC communicate its mission in an intriguing way.

And in 2011, the funds were reserved for EPIC scholarships. Three have been awarded so far after completing an application process and our new scholarship members are bringing meaningful value to the program!

In addition, EPIC members have helped HCC raise hundreds of thousands of dollars! It is estimated that the program brings in an average of $200,000 each year in unrestricted donations through member participation in fundraising committees.