The Guadalupe speaks;

I had to learn to listen. 

She trickles, 




She murmurs 

and burbles, 



Giggles and gurgles, 

growls and groans,

she flows 

and flows 

and flows. 

Infinitely delivering 

rain to the sea, 

still never too busy to 

whisper to me. 

Single sycamore leaf 

silently sinks.

Ancient language 

we forgot how to speak. 

Being Life in all her glory. 

We’ve forgotten our oldest stories. 

We are Life’s amazing creation: 

consciousness of our situation.

Chrysoprase on a sunny day,

malachite when skies are gray,

emerald green queen:

I am listening. 

About the Author
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Rachael Lindsey

Rachael is the Director of Science and Stewardship at Hill Country Conservancy. Rachael is a wildlife biologist, ecologist, writer, and poet. Throughout her career, she has prioritized increasing land stewardship and conservation throughout the Hill Country and connecting people and communities to nature through ecological education. She dreams of a million acres of protected, connected Hill Country, and she describes herself as a lifelong naturalist, spiritualist, and "Lorax"—she speaks for the trees

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  1. Rachael,
    Just heard your detailed and very interesting talk on the State of the Hill Country Report for the Native Plant Society in Marble Falls. And I would like to invite you to give that presentation to the Texas Tech Education Program in Marble Falls (OLLI). Could you please send me your contact information; and I will reply with the details.
    Thank you,
    Ray Buchanan, OLLI Advisory Board, Curriculum Committee
    P.S. Do you know anyone living in Lone Grove,Texas??

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