Hill Country Conservancy preserves vital natural resources through conservation, community collaboration and engagement to sustain our region now and forever.

About Us

Hill Country Conservancy:
  • protects large strategic tracts of open space that conserve critical water features and wildlife habitat,

  • provides much needed recreational access to nature via the Violet Crown Trail, and

  • promotes a conservation ethic by cultivating awareness and transforming our community.

We believe that the region’s prosperity is inextricably linked to its natural landscape and quality of life. We are fortunate to live in the alluring Texas Hill Country. The beauty and unparalleled outdoor recreational opportunities are compelling reasons for people to move here and to want to stay.

However, as the Hill Country population explodes it is critical to balance the growth with the preservation of our precious natural resources. The consequences of unbridled sprawl are irrevocable. If rainwater can't find its way into the aquifers and springs it endangers our vital drinking water. Land fragmentation imperils the contiguous habitat native our iconic Texas wildlife needs to survive. Unchecked expansion can also limit our access to the outdoor recreational opportunities which are so important to our health and well being. Hill Country Conservancy works closely with developers and city planners to promote smart growth in our region.

Now, it is more crucial than ever to protect our critical drinking water, our endless views, our iconic Texas wildlife and our extensive outdoor recreational opportunities. With your help, Hill Country Conservancy conserves the wild open spaces that make the Hill Country such a special and unique place to live.