Board Service Policy

Complies with the following LTA Standards and Practices: 3A. Board Responsibility, 3C. Board Governance

Each Director agrees to:

  1. Attend a minimum of five (5) of the seven (7) board meetings in any given calendar year. All dates will be circulated to Directors by December 31 prior to each calendar year.
  2. Attend a Board Orientation in January of the year in which a Director’s primary term begins.
  3. Attend an annual all-day Board Retreat.
  4. Serve actively on at least one standing committee or ad hoc committee.
  5. Actively assist in raising funds to ensure the sustainability of the organization through creating new and enhanced relationships in the community; working with staff to identify potential supporters; and, cultivating partnerships.
  6. Endorse, support and promote the mission and programs of HCC.
  7. Contribute annually a minimum of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00) by March 31 of each calendar year. Directors may make personal annual gifts to HCC, or raise the funds from other sources. Directors are also expected to make an additional campaign specific gift if his/her term falls within a capital campaign. The Executive Committee may grant waivers (to # 7) if special circumstances exist, but may only grant a waiver if the Director receiving the waiver pledges to make a commensurate, non-financial contribution to HCC, such as leading a special project or donating significant pro bono professional services that further the mission of HCC.
  8. To seek a waiver to any of the provisions described in this policy, the Director seeking the waiver should email the Board Chair (copying the Executive Director) and explain the reason(s) for seeking said waiver. Waivers may only be granted by the Board Chair.
  9. Failure to meet the requirements described in this policy may result in removal from the Board of Directors as provided in the Bylaws if the non-compliant Director has not received a waiver from the Board Chair.
  10. Directors are elected to serve one three-year primary term. At the end of their primary term, the Board Development Committee may nominate a Director to a secondary term. Secondary terms are one (1) year in duration. Directors may only serve on the Board for six (6) years. After a Director’s board service ends, Directors may be asked to join the HCC advisory council.