George Cofer

Chief Executive Officer

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"I was born into conservation. It’s been my life path since I first stepped outside at the old St. David’s Hospital in Austin."

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Adrienne Longenecker

Chief Operating Officer
& Director of Development

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"Hill Country Conservancy is an outstanding example of deeply-rooted relationships between land-owners, the business community and environmental communities working together to create solutions, which protect our natural resources and economy. We must continue to expand our efforts and successes because our region’s prosperity - our ability to positively impact the world - is intrinsically tied to our natural landscape and resulting quality of life.”

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Cindy Holt

Director of Operations

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" I feel proud and lucky to work with this group of dedicated and talented staff, directors and committee members."

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Frank Davis

Director of Land Conservation

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"I’m lucky enough to partner with private landowners to keep their land intact while preserving land, water, and wildlife resources. I love the Texas Hill Country because it’s like no other place on Earth, and I’m happy to help keep it that way."

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Butch Smith

Trail Project Manager

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"I love working on trails, and I feel fortunate to work at HCC, best organization ever!"

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Fleetwood Jacobs

Associate Director of Development and Marketing

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"There is nothing that I love more than spending time with my family in the beautiful Hill Country. I'm honored to be a part of this amazing team working to keep the Hill Country country -forever!"

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Sarah Dean

Donor Relations Manager

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“I love to spend my time outdoors and I’m grateful to be part of this team, preserving the Texas Hill Country for generations to come!”

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