Be the Hill Country!

We are the Hill Country and so are you!

Open Space is worth a great deal to our thriving community. Read inspiring stories from our supporters here and tell us your story for a chance to be listed on our website!

By telling your story and making a contribution to Hill Country Conservancy this holiday season, you are playing a significant role in protecting the future of Austin’s open spaces and providing unique opportunities to connect with nature and the outdoors – the lifeblood of our wonderful city. With the sum always being greater than its parts, each acre of open space Hill Country Conservancy preserves will continue to protect the greater vision of clean water, wildlife, rural character and scenic vistas that make Central Texas a magical place, thus leaving an inspiring legacy for generations to enjoy- forever.

Click here to see what Open Space is worth to Mayor Lee Leffingwell, Hill Abel and Laura Agnew, Mayor Rose Cardona, Laurie Loew, and other members of our community, or to tell your story here!

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Hill Country Conservancy today!

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