Celebrating Success & Looking Ahead

The recent closing of Ruby Ranch was a huge conservation success, but it’s good to reflect on why these accomplishments are important and how we plan to build on our success. We must be diligent about selecting the best projects, as guided by our strategic conservation plan – click here to find out how Ruby Ranch is a perfect example of our plan in action.

Hooray for the Farm Bill!

You have likely been hearing stories in the media and elsewhere in recent months about the $956 billion dollar 2014 Farm Bill which was signed into law on February 7th. Given the scope and cost of this legislation, it’s easy to find things you love about it, and also things you don’t love so much. Click here for a brief overview of the excellent programs in the Farm Bill and how these programs further the efforts of Hill Country Conservancy, those of other land trusts and most importantly, our landowner partners.

Be the Hill Country!

Open Space is worth a great deal to our thriving community. Read inspiring stories about what conservation is worth to Mayor Lee Leffingwell, Hill Abel and Laura Agnew, Mayor Rose Cardona, Laurie Loew, and other members of our community, or tell your story here!

What is Open Space worth to you?

Tell us what open space and conservation mean to YOU and if we pick your story to highlight on the website, we’ll send you a super special gift!

Strategic Conservation Planning

Learn how HCC is looking ahead to strategically consider how to better leverage limited funds and make an ever greater impact in future years!

HCC strikes a deal with Taylor-Morrison Homes

HCC has inked a deal with Taylor-Morrison Homes that will provide up to $100,000 in revenue! Homebuyers in the new Reunion Ranch community near Dripping Springs will contribute $100 to HCC at closing, and Taylor-Morrison will contribute an equal amount.

EPIC Recognized Nationally by the LTA

We are proud to announce the National Land Trust Alliance (LTA) recognized HCC’s Emerging Professionals in Conservation (EPIC) in their April e-newsletter! HCC is setting the bar in America for land trust organizations by hosting unique programs and outreach engaging a wide variety of diverse communities by hosting programs such EPIC.

Tax Incentive Renewed Through 2011!

Congress recently renewed a 2006 “expanded” tax incentive that enables family farmers, ranchers, and other landowners to get a significant tax benefit for donating a conservation easement on their land. That incentive had gone by the wayside at the end of 2009, but was recently re-enacted for 2010 and 2011 donations.