What is Open Space worth to you?

Tell us what open space and conservation mean to YOU and if we pick your story to highlight on the website, we’ll send you a super special gift!

Strategic Conservation Planning

Learn how HCC is looking ahead to strategically consider how to better leverage limited funds and make an ever greater impact in future years!

Land Conservation Remains as Popular as Ever

A recent example is found in Travis County, Texas, where on November 8 voters approved $82.1 million to buy land for parks and open space. It may come as a surprise to some, but the outcome of the Travis County vote was hardly unusual.

Another Conservation Success for HCC and Storm Ranch!

To date, through partnerships with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the City of Austin, the Houston Endowment and LCRA, the Storm family and Hill Country Conservancy have protected over 3,500 acres of Storm Ranch.

A Conversation with Anne Brockenbrough

Frank Davis interviews Anne Brockenbrough on how she made her way to Texas, her dreams and aspirations, her love of horses, and her vision of Brockenbrough Ranch.