Vote early, often for Violet Crown Trail in REI campaign

Vote early, and vote often.

That’s the message from supporters of the Violet Crown Trail, a trail that will ultimately span 30 miles from downtown Austin to Hays County. The first segment of the trail – a 6-mile stretch from Barton Springs to Sunset Valley – officially opens today.

Looking for the Violet Crown Trail? Follow these directions!

Since the first segment of the Violet Crown Trail opened earlier today, a lot of people have been asking how to get there. We are working on maps and a more official user guide, but in the meantime, we hope this information will aid you in finding the trail.

The VCT Opens with BIG NEWS!

The Violet Crown Trail has been chosen to participate in REI’s “Every Trail Connects” campaign! During the campaign, REI will donate $500,000 to trails nationwide, but online voters decide how that money is spent. Vote for REI to fund the VCT!

Austin’s new Violet Crown Trail opens to the public

Central Texans have a new place to hike after 17 years in the making. The Violet Crown Trail has been in the works since 1998 and officials are opening the first six-mile segment of the trail to the public on Friday.

Violet Crown Trail – A Trail to Connect Them All

Austin, Texas, isn’t without trails. In fact, this notoriously outdoorsy, hip town in the center of the state has quite a few of them. But currently, many of them are overcrowded and deteriorating.

Record Breaking Year for Austin’s National Trails Day

On June 6, Hill Country Conservancy, Austin Parks Foundation, and Texas Conservation Corps partnered to host Austin’s local National Trails Day (NTD), the American Hiking Society’s nationwide trails awareness program. Over 800 volunteers participated in Austin’s National Trails Day event at 40+ separate project sites, and together we improved trails throughout the city, making it our largest event yet!

Violet Crown Trail Gains Support from REI and Total Wine

We are excited to announce two new partnerships for the Violet Crown Trail. A long-time supporter of HCC’s conservation work, REI recently awarded a $25,000 grant to HCC for the Violet Crown Trail. HCC was also honored to be selected by Total Wine as one of three charities, alongside the Long Center and Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, to benefit from grand opening sales at the new Total Wine store in Sunset Valley. A total of over $14,000 was raised through the partnership.

Lend a Hand on National Trails Day

On Saturday, June 6, Hill Country Conservancy, Austin Parks Foundation, and Texas Conservation Corps are partnering to host Austin’s local National Trails Day. Dozens of trail work projects and educational hikes will be available to the public.