Earth Day Wrap-Up

Many thanks to all of you who showed up to support the cause. Thanks also to our lead sponsor, MWH, whose financial support made the show possible. We’re also grateful to Whole Earth and all the other sponsors, volunteers, and concert-goers that made Earth Day 2009 a success!

The Show

Over 1200 people showed up to see Guster, Wild Sweet Orange, and DJ Manny.

What’s Next

Now that our major Spring fundraiser is wrapped-up, we’re getting back to basics with outreach programs and volunteer events. We’ve already mentioned the upcoming Autumn Woods wildflower hike, and we’re pleased to announce the June 6th trail day. Expect a separate post soon with all the details, but the gist is that there will be a fairly large event near Zilker to clean up and repair trailheads along the Greenbelt. There will also be a Salt Lick lunch, a free swim at Barton Springs, and a Walk For A Day ribbon-cutting. Check out the Austin Parks Foundation to get the details and sign up!