EPIC Leadership Council


The EPIC Leadership Council is a group of highly invested EPIC members vital to supporting Hill Country Conservancy’s mission. Each year, the EPIC leadership council develops the EPIC program activities schedule, selects topics for educational happy hours, manages membership recruitment and retention, and works with Hill Country Conservancy staff to select the projects in which to invest net revenue from the EPIC program.

Hill Country Conservancy has learned an important lesson since the start of the EPIC program: young professionals will become more engaged in the HCC mission, and stay engaged for a longer amount of time, when they are able to see tangible and measurable results from their personal philanthropy. The Leadership Council is invited to develop a deeper understanding of regional conservation initiatives.

2021 EPIC Leadership Council

"I support HCC so outdoor recreation and relaxation can continue for generations to come. Some of my favorite outdoor activities are camping and being on the water!"

Melissa Brauks
Leadership Council Chair

"I am a born and raised Austinite but also grew up with a family ranch in the Hill Country. I loved helping my Grandfather take care of the animals and spending time exploring the land. My favorite activities that I like to do outside are hiking or going kayaking on Lady Bird Lake."

Jody Richards
Resource Development

"I love the Hill Country. I was born in Austin and raised in Marble Falls and my family have been ranchers and farmers in the Austin area since the 1880s. I want to make sure that we preserve some of these views and some of this open land for future generations to enjoy."

Meghan Wall

"I support HCC to provide community access to the outdoors via the Violet Crown Trail."

Kelly Miller

"I’m a native Austinite and got my bachelors in wildlife, so it’s especially important to me that we continue to learn about the natural world around us and work to preserve it for generations to come. (Plus, the EPIC events are always great!"

Megan Barron
Educational Programs

"I support HCC and its mission to preserve and protect a little slice of the hill country for future generation, and to educate others about sustainable development. I enjoy long walks in the woods."

Ryan Tietz

"As a climber, hiker, camper and overall enjoyer of nature—it’s very important to me to help protect our outdoor spaces. I can’t think of a better way to do that than by supporting HCC and EPIC!"

Jessica Hutson

"I can most often be found on the various central Texas dirt biking trails! However, there's no shortage of adventure to be had in central Texas, other favorite activities include mountain biking, longboarding, climbing and enjoying the occasional nature walk along the BCGB."

Karla McCorkle

"I'm excited for this opportunity to volunteer with an organization focused on helping preserve one of Texas' natural beauties. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking in the mountains, followed by swimming."

Darcy Wheeler

Join the Leadership Council

Participation on the Leadership Council is also highly rewarding, and council members are recognized as valuable leaders in the Austin community. Each Leadership Council member is required to attend monthly meetings and serve on a committee to support outreach and events for the EPIC program and Hill Country Conservancy. If a position on the council sounds appealing, we encourage you to apply!

If you have questions about the Leadership Council or just want to say hello, you can reach us at epic@hillcountryconservancy.org.

Applications for the 2022 Council will open in late 2021