Brand Ambassador Program

Hill Country Conservancy is working to strategically build, support, and activate an alliance of businesses that are financially committed to our core mission, want to distinguish themselves as community minded organizations, and increase the value of their brand through a commitment to HCC. We want to help these businesses who have made such a commitment though a deep brand-aligned partnership.

The Austin Connection

Austinites consistently make it clear that they are deeply passionate about taking a stand to preserve their environment. With ongoing dialogue about the preservation of our water, the conservation of our natural resources, and a voter population that supports environmental issues, the residents have spoken – Austin supports the protection of the environment through policy initiatives and business practices.

We know that environmental issues matter to your customers. This is your opportunity to show them that they matter to you as well. When companies work to align themselves with an organization that is working every day to conserve the environment that people here treasure so dearly, their customers become invested in their community and keeping our city and region green, clean and healthy.

The Partnership

This program is a win-win partnership with companies who differentiate themselves as a philanthropic member of our community, in turn attracting more customers to be a part of a real solution to a cause that they care about.

Business partners donate a set percentage, ranging from 1-5%, of revenue annually. Hill Country Conservancy works with each partner to find the best strategy and level for their business.

In exchange for participation, business partners are highlighted on our website and social media, included in media campaigns promoting the program, provided point-of-sale materials to remind customers of their ethical contribution, and recognized as we share the good news of our success with the community.

If you're interested in becoming a HCC Brand Ambassador or need more information about the program, contact Adrienne Longenecker at

The Partners