The EPIC Leadership Council is a group of highly invested young professionals vital to supporting Hill Country Conservancy’s mission. Each year, EPIC program members serve on a Leadership Council to aid in developing the activities schedule, lunch-and-learn topic selection, membership retention & recruitment, and working with HCC staff to select projects in which to invest net revenues raised through the EPIC program. Hill Country Conservancy has learned an important lesson since the start of the EPIC program: young professionals will become more engaged in the HCC mission, and stay engaged for a longer amount of time when they are able to see tangible (and measurable) results from their personal philanthropy. The Leadership Council is invited to develop a deeper understanding of regional conservation initiatives Each LC Member is required to attend meetings and co-chair a committee to support outreach and events for the EPIC program and HCC Participation on the LC is also highly rewarding, and council members are recognized as valuable leaders in the Austin community. If this work sounds like it could be a fit, we encourage you to apply for a position on the EPIC Leadership Council here!