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Spring was an extremely busy time for the Hill Country Conservancy’s land team. We conducted annual monitoring visits on five of our conservation easements, we significantly advanced four prospective conservation projects, and we worked tirelessly to strengthen collaborative efforts with conservation partners throughout Texas.

In mid-April HCC, Hill Country Alliance and multiple sponsors hosted a conservation easement workshop in Burnet County. Landowners from the area enjoyed informative presentations including "The Case for Conservation", "Land Stewardship", "Conservation Easement Basics", "Financial Considerations", and "The Land Trust’s Role in Conserving Family Land". Attendees also had the opportunity to interact directly with a panel of local conservation easement landowners to gain a better understanding of this beneficial conservation tool. These exchanges clarified the many financial and tax incentives awarded to easement holders and explored the optimum circumstances under which conservation easements are the right and best decision. Based on this workshop’s tremendous success, we are planning another workshop this coming winter.

With the busy season behind us, HCC’s land team will now focus our efforts on community outreach. We look forward to many enjoyable one-on-one and family meetings with our landowner friends about their future plans and ambitions. We understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to land management. If, through these conversations, we determine that a conservation easement is not in a landowner’s best interest, we will happily invite the right experts to the table to explore the many available options. HCC proudly maintains a broad network of experts and land management partners whose advice will inform a smart and effective plan to achieve the landowner’s goals.

We know that the best way to achieve conservation that works for everyone is to establish a relationship based on understanding, mutual trust, and shared vision. Moving forward, we’ll continue to meet and exchange ideas with organizations and community leaders. We will work to keep you updated on our challenges and successes through fresh and informative content in our newsletters, social media, and local newspapers. Most importantly, the door is open for a conversation about your land management needs. We look forward to these meetings and we hope that you will reach out when the time is right.

If you think the time is right, contact us today. We’re also looking for locations for our next workshop, let us know if you have somewhere in mind.

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