Introducing the Brand Ambassador Program & our first partner!

HCC is thrilled to announce a new Brand Ambassador program and our first partner, Preserve Auto Spa.

Hill Country Conservancy is working to strategically build, support, and activate an alliance of businesses that are financially committed to our core mission, want to distinguish themselves as community minded organizations, and increase the value of their brand through a commitment to HCC. Preserve Auto Spa (PAS) now supports the clean water and land conservation projects implemented by HCC through branding and a contribution of a percentage of their revenue. This environmentally friendly car wash company uses only a single cup of water to wash a car, where the typical tunnel car wash uses 38 gallons and using a spray hose will use about 100 gallons. The startup was designed as a service for employers to offer their company employees – PAS offers on-site services which is a convenient perk for employees, supports a corporate culture of values and sustainability.

Click here for more information about HCC’s Brand Ambassador Program.

Click here for more information about Preserve Auto Spa.

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