2022 Giving Tuesday
Lake Leap Challenge

Dive in to save our water supply!


Freezin' For a Reason!

Land conservation is an essential piece to protecting our water supply.  Open land collects, filters, and directs rain droplets into our aquifer which then bubbles up to create the creeks, streams, and rivers that feed the Highland Lakes.  
Yet, as the fastest growing region in the country, land in the Texas Hill Country is disappearing at an alarming rate.

You can help! 

Your gift today will conserve land in the Texas Hill Country to keep our water supply here forever.

Taking the plunge: 

When you help us reach our goal, we will celebrate your success by jumping into the cold waters of Lake Austin and filming it for your viewing pleasure!
if you are cuckoo for conservation like we are, you can take the plunge with us when you raise $500!

Let's all dive in to save our water supply!!!

Want to take the plunge?

Raise at least $500 for the Lake Leap Challenge, you'll be invited to take a chilly leap into Lake Austin on Saturday, December 3!

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