Conservation Easements

Conservation easements are generally used to conserve a property in its natural state while allowing land owners to retain many rights, including ownership of the property.

How does it work?

  • Perpetual Agreement

    A willing landowner voluntarily enters into a binding agreement with Hill Country Conservancy (or another qualified organization) to preserve a property’s conservation values.

  • Financial Incentive

    The landowner may receive estate and/or income tax benefits for limiting the development potential of their land, thus rewarding ongoing stewardship efforts.

  • Monitoring & Enforcement

    Hill Country Conservancy regularly monitors and reviews the conservation easement with the landowner to ensure that the wishes of HCC & the original grantor are upheld.

  • Long-Term Protection

    Development limitations remain in place even if ownership of the property changes.

  • Cost-Effective

    The upfront cost of a conservation easement may be a fraction of the full value of the land, while keeping the land in private ownership.