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Autumn Woods is a gorgeous 132-acre property along Little Bear Creek in Manchaca, Texas. The natural honeycomb-shaped bedrock here provides high quality recharge to the Edwards Aquifer, directly affecting the quality and quantity of the water flowing at Barton Springs. The scenic landscapes of Autumn Woods are characterized by abundant native vegetation and wildlife, and are especially beautiful in the area where Little Bear Creek runs through the property.

The beautiful 1,300-acre Bleakley Ranch is located about 2 miles northwest of Dripping Springs. Preserved in its natural state, the land will continue to filter the rainwater that flows into creeks and underground into the Edwards Aquifer. It is located near the beginning of Barton Creek and plays an important role in keeping it healthy and clean.

Brockenbrough Ranch is a stunning 286-acre property located near Manor in northeastern Travis County. This working ranch has been used for grazing horses and cattle as well as raising hay for the last 160 years. Brockenbrough Ranch provides abundant clean water to the Colorado River via Wilbarger Creek, which runs through the property, making it essential for preserving the ecological health of the region. This historic property is rich in natural and cultural resources necessary for keeping the ranching heritage of Central Texas alive.

The Dahlstrom Ranch is a majestic piece of the Texas Hill Country located west of Buda on Onion Creek. This 2,254-acre ranch holds an impressive system of unique caves, sinkholes, and karst features. The natural landscapes of the Dahlstrom Ranch are an essential filter for rainwater as it “recharges” the Edward’s Aquifer, fueling a unique quality of life that Central Texans have enjoyed for generations.

Situated on the banks of the Colorado River, the 35 acre Nalle Bunny Run Wildlife Preserve is not only an environmental treasure, but an important habitat restoration project as well. The preserve was donated to Hill Country Conservancy in December 2000 and is named for Anne Byrd Nalle. The conservation management of the 50-acre combined tracts with its preserved Lake Austin waterfront and proximity to Austin make the Nalle Bunny Run Wildlife Preserve a visual and environmental masterpiece.

HCC invites you to join us on one of our Monthly Birding and Nature Hikes at Nalle Bunny Run Wildlife Preserve every 3rd Saturday of the Month.

Ragland Ranch is a charming 292-acre property located near Buda in western Hays County. Historically managed for agriculture, the ranch is instrumental in balancing the impacts of regional development that threaten the water quality of the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer.

A few miles southeast of Dripping Springs, the historic 497-acre Ragsdale Ranch lies along both sides of Onion Creek and boasts beautiful views and significant water resources. For generations, stewards of the ranch have effectively managed it for livestock production while sustaining the health of the land.

The historical property of Ruby Ranch is a 747-acre ranch located in Hays County. This property provides high quality water run-off and recharge to the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer. Conservation efforts ensure that native rangeland, which provides habitat for a vaiety of native birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and other wildlife remain protected in their natural state.

To date, over 4,400 acres of the original Storm Ranch, located in northern Hays County, has been permanently conserved for the benefit of water, wildlife, and present and future generations of Texans. The land boasts historic rock fences separating pastures of native grasses, magnificent live oaks, abundant native wildlife, and almost 20 miles of small creeks and streams.


Constituting approximately 150 acres of ranchland outside of Dripping Springs, the Lazy Bend Ranch conservation easement expands the footprint of conservation lands in the upper Onion Creek watershed to an impressive 5,000+ acres! The Lazy Bend Ranch is located in close proximity to the High Gate Ranch and Storm Ranch conservation easements. These three ranches combined create an extraordinary expanse of protected waterways, indigenous Texas wildlife and endless vistas.

Puryear Ranch is a 423-acre estate steeped in Texas history. The Puryear family was one of the earliest families to settle in the Central Texas area in the late 1800s. The property has stayed in their family since. Not surprisingly, the area remains rich with Native American artifacts and is home to a vast array of iconic Texas wildlife and essential ecologically sensitive areas.

Inspiring Oaks Ranch is a family-run wildlife and recreation retreat located between Wimberley and Blanco in the heart of the Texas Hill Country and within the renowned Devil’s Backbone scenic loop. The ranch offers sweeping panoramic views ranging from gently tilting fields to dramatic canyons and ravines.