Autumn Woods

Autumn Woods Beauty ShotAutumn Woods is a gorgeous 132-acre property along Little Bear Creek in Manchaca, Texas near the intersection of Brodie Lane and Farm-to-Market Road 1626. It lies adjacent to several other undeveloped tracts, including the City of Austin’s Water Quality Protection Lands. The natural honeycomb-shaped bedrock here provides high quality recharge to the Edwards Aquifer, directly affecting the quality and quantity of the water flowing at Barton Springs. The scenic landscapes of Autumn Woods are characterized by abundant native vegetation and wildlife, and are especially beautiful in the area where Little Bear Creek runs through the property.


Autumn Woods was permitted several years ago for the development of a dense, small-lot subdivision. However, in December 2006 a conservation easement was created through the generous donation of the development rights by Rocky and Kelly Romano and Robert McDonald. This voluntary land preservation agreement with the Hill Country Conservancy ensures the natural character of the land and the rural heritage of Manchaca residents are preserved, forever.



Protecting properties adjacent to one another creates the contiguous tracts of land needed for vast open spaces. Land that has been preserved in its natural state rather than being fragmented into smaller parcels provides significantly better habitat, as well as natural filtration of rainwater, erosion prevention, clean air, and numerous other benefits that the natural world provides the community.

This successful addition brings the Hill Country Conservancy and its partners one step closer to their ambitious goal of preserving 40,000 acres of land within the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer in its natural state.

The population has more than tripled in Hays County since 1980 and is expected to almost double in the next 20 years. A rural community since the late 1800s, Manchaca is now experiencing the pressure of suburban sprawl spreading outward from central Austin. It is through the kind donations of landowners like Rocky, Kelly and Robert, who have agreed to limit development on Autumn Woods to only three home sites, that the Hill Country Conservancy can protect these essential natural resources before they disappear forever.

The Hill Country Conservancy works continuously to conserve the critical water features, unique history, wildlife habitat and agricultural viability of the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer. Their talented group of land, wildlife, and real estate professionals understands the values of ranchers and landowners, and HCC has a track record of more than 12 years navigating the complexities of property transactions.