Inspiring Oaks Ranch

WEB2Inspiring Oaks Ranch is a family-run wildlife and recreation retreat located between Wimberley and Blanco in the heart of the Texas Hill Country and within the renowned Devil’s Backbone scenic loop. The ranch offers sweeping panoramic views ranging from gently tilting fields to dramatic canyons and ravines. The landowners fell in love with and purchased the beautiful 1,014-acre property in 1999, vowing to care for the land, water and wildlife for years to come. Holding true to their commitment, they recently solidified their allegiance to the land by conveying a conservation easement to Hill Country Conservancy. Because of the landowners’ dedication to the land and choice to preserve the property with a conservation easement, the breathtaking vistas offered by Inspiring Oaks will contribute to the beauty of the Hill Country—forever.
The Inspiring Oaks conservation easement does more than just enhance our endless Hill Country views; it also helps to safeguard clean drinking water for hundreds of thousands of Central Texans. The picturesque property includes over 3,000 feet of Wanslow Creek, which emerges from a series of springs to create an oasis of fish, salamander, fern, cypress and beaver habitat. Wanslow Creek’s final destination is the Blanco River. The Blanco provides recharge for the Greater Edwards Aquifer, a critical drinking water supply for the City of San Antonio andn important contributor to the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer (BSEA). The BSEA provides water to approximately 60,000 people, many area ranches, and local wildlife populations. It is also the source of Austin’s beloved Barton Springs pool.

Inspiring Oaks Ranch is rich with karst features, sinks, and caves, which allow the 4.8 miles of creeks and streams found on the land to recharge into another important aquifer, the Middle Trinity Aquifer. Water from the Middle Trinity Aquifer bubbles back to the surface in two significant springs – Pleasant Valley Spring and the famous swimming hole, Jacob’s Well. Jacob’s Well gives rise to Cypress Creek, home of another popular swimming spot, Wimberley’s Blue Hole.

These abundant water sources combine with woodland and savannah grasslands to provide generous amounts of food, water, and protective habitat for a variety of wildlife, including several imperiled species. A few of the species found on Inspiring Oaks Ranch include: Fern Bank Salamander (globally imperiled and locally endemic), Wild Turkey, Red-shouldered Hawk, Chick-will’s-widow, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Painted Bunting, Dickcissel, Orchard Oriole, and the federally-protected Golden-cheeked Warbler. The Inspiring Oaks easement ensures critical water resources, food sources and nesting habitats will continue to support diverse native plant species and our iconic Texas wildlife.

Hill Country Conservancy partnered with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Land Trust Council to bring this easement to life. The property owner retains the ability to use the land for traditional and activities such as agriculture, traditional ranching, limited hunting and residency. The landowners’ devoted stewardship and passion for their land guarantee that this beautiful piece of property will remain pristine – forever.