Lucy’s Story

Lucy was recently diagnosed with many serious health issues. Her doctor said that regular physical exercise and a healthy diet would be critical for her survival. But due to the pandemic, indoor exercise facilities no longer felt safe to her as she was now in a high-risk category. So, she turned to the Violet Crown Trail for her daily exercise. Now, thanks to regular walks on the trail, her health has greatly improved.

For many people like Lucy, the Violet Crown Trail is a fundamental component of an imperative self-care routine.  Recent counts in the Austin area show that as of April 1, more than 10,000 people are accessing the trail each month—double the amount for the same period last year. 

With increased trail use comes increased need for trail maintenance and repairs.

Will you assist Hill Country Conservancy with the Violet Crown Trail’s necessary upkeep by joining our Wellspring monthly giving club?

With your monthly gift, you can help Lucy and everyone in our community care for their health throughout the duration of the pandemic and beyond. 

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