Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) is an exciting opportunity to provide substantial funding for the conservation of at-risk species of fish and wildlife. With this funding, Texas alone aims to gain over $60 MM annually for implementation of conservation activities. These dollars would be available to provide increased incentives to private landowners managing in favor of healthy habitats and ecosystems. The Land Trust community would benefit by seeing increased investment in programs that help landowners capitalize on conservation; for example, by providing increased funding for the purchase of development rights or by removing the financial burdens associated with the donation of a conservation easement.

Heralded as preventative maintenance, RAWA would provide much needed funding to stabilize at-risk species with the intent of keeping species from becoming listed as endangered or threatened. The funding is generated from existing revenues associated with federal energy and mineral royalties, requiring no new taxes. For these reasons, RAWA has broad support from conservation leadership, the business community, sportsmen, and outdoor recreationist on both sides of the aisle.

To learn more about this game-changing legislation and how you can help, check out this editorial from the Texas Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife or contact HCC directly.

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