Stakeholders Unite in Support of Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s Response to Chronic Wasting Disease

November 4, 2015

Texas Wildlife Association joined a broad group of stakeholder organizations representing hunters, landowners, conservationists, and agricultural producers across Texas and the nation, to present Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) with a letter in support of their efforts and decisions in response to Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).

The below signatories commend TPWD for the creation of the Aug. 19, 2015, Emergency Rule addressing the movement of captive-bred deer in light of the CWD finding in a captive breeding facility. The Emergency Rule was crafted in transparent fashion with broad input from all affected stakeholders, including captive deer breeding trade associations, resulting in a balanced response that considers all affected parties. The below signatories encourage the TPWD Commission to adopt the Emergency Rule in its entirety. Furthermore, the signatories advocate for the continued public ownership of all wildlife and support TPWD as it dutifully and expertly stewards all the wildlife resources of the people of this State.

Signatories include: Archery Trade Association; Audubon Texas; Austin Woods and Waters Club; Bexar Audubon Society; Boone and Crockett Club; Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program; Hill Country Alliance; Hill Country Conservancy; Houston Safari Club; Lone Star Bow Hunters Association; National Wild Turkey Federation; National Wildlife Federation; Orion – The Hunters Institute; Plateau Land and Wildlife Management; Pope and Young Club; Quality Deer Management Association; Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation; Safari Club International – Houston Chapter; Sierra Club – Lone Star Chapter; Texans for Saving Our Hunting Heritage; Texas Agricultural Land Trust; Texas Bighorn Society; Texas Cattle Feeders Association; Texas Chapter of the Wildlife Society; Texas Sportsman’s Association; Texas Wildlife Association; and Wildlife Forever. Individuals include: George Bristol, Cathy Crocker, Carol Dinkins and Brad Locker.

About Texas Wildlife Association
Texas Wildlife Association (TWA) was established in 1985 by a group of ranchers, wildlife managers, and hunters dedicated to the conservation, management, and enhancement of wildlife and wildlife habitat on private lands. TWA has approximately 9,700 members, who collectively own or control in excess of 40 million acres of Texas land.

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