Make every day Earth Day
by joining Wellspring today! 

Today, we celebrate the 51st anniversary of Earth Day.

Earth Day continues as a day where people everywhere pause to be grateful for our planet and the natural resources it provides. Earth Day is also an opportunity to make sure those resources are still around for future generations to enjoy.

The Texas Hill Country needs your help.

The Hill Country population is exploding. Did you know that by the year 2030 the population is projected to be 4.3 million? Alarmingly, studies show there will not be enough groundwater to support this growth if we don’t balance it with land protection now!

Your effort-free monthly gift will conserve land that will:

  • Channel groundwater directly into the aquifers and water reservoirs
  • Reduce extreme heat and mitigate flooding 
  • Ensure that our expansive vistas remain for you to enjoy
  • Allow you to rest easy knowing that our beautiful Hill Country will be here forever.   

As a Wellspring member, you will receive exclusive conservation updates and invitations to events and ranch tours. When you make your monthly gift at least $25 we will also send you a Hill Country Conservancy t-shirt.

  • Make every day Earth Day by joining Wellspring, and rest easy knowing that you are a part of the solution. 


Join our monthly giving club and become a ground source of funding for conservation in Central Texas.


Wellspring Club members enjoy:

Invitations to Private Events

Including Conservation Easement closing parties and HCC's annual donor appreciation event.

Ranch Tours

Wellspring members will be invited to join Hill Country Conservancy on an exclusive tour of an HCC conserved property.

Updates and Sneak-peeks

Monthly emails will keep you posted on your donations in action.

Make an investment in quality of life.

  • Conservation

    The region’s prosperity is inextricably tied to its natural landscape and quality of life. People – and companies – move here, and want to stay here, because it’s a wonderful, beautiful place to be; the future economic success of Central Texas and the Hill Country is tied to how well we balance our growth and the preservation of precious natural resources.

  • Access to Nature

    Our access to nature is diminishing. We can create access to nature. Access that is going to be increasingly vital as more green space is consumed. The Violet Crown Trail, a 30-mile nature trail stretching from the heart of Austin’s Zilker Park south to the Wildflower Center and into Hays County, will offer unprecedented access to nature for all those who live, work and play in Central Texas.

  • Clean Water

    Water is life. It’s the backbone of everything we do. Without a plentiful supply, our daily lives would look very different. With every development more green space is consumed and water resources strained, but Hill Country Conservancy knows how to fix this growing problem so that clean water is here forever.

With your help, we can protect Texas land & water and create access to nature.